Landscape Artificial Grass

What is the landscape artificial grass?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to do greening in their own homes. But in reality, not everyone is a greening expert, so most people choose to care for the grass instead of the bonsai.

So there is a lawn like the one on the right, which is what we often say. Subdivided can be divided into landscape grass, residential grass, grass lawn, pet grass, amusement park grass, their difference is only for different uses, but the distinction between the grass itself is not very obvious.

Is landscape artificial grass safe to use?

As many people worry, is it safe to use landscape grass? I think the answer is yes. You can find all the answers on the quora

In the greening, there are many problems with the use of grassland, that is, the waste of water resources and the pollution of chemical raw materials. Therefore, in the 1990s, some people thought of using artificial grass instead of real grass. With the advancement of modern industry and the improvement of the quality inspection system, the landscape lawn produced by modern factories is safe, of course, the premise is that you choose a good factory.

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Definitive guide

When you read the above products, you may not know what kind of landscape grass you need. It doesn't matter, you can use the guide I provided to choose the right artificial lawn for yourself.

Chapter 1: Do you know the landscape artificial grass classification?

When buying landscape artificial turf, be sure to find out what your specific purpose is? Because only then can you find the artificial turf you want based on the classification I have given you.

The general artificial turf company divides the landscape into five parts, namely residential grass, pet grass, playground grass, landscape grass, Lawn grass. Different grasses will have different compositional characteristics and will also use different processing methods.

For example, landscape grass will generally design more characteristic landscape grass according to your environment. Just like the United States, Australia, Cyprus, the artificial grass of the artificial grass is very thick, preferring the grass ripples like water ripples. Next, I will write a lawn selection guide for you, I hope to help you.

Chapter 2: Which Grass is Good for Residential?

There are many things to pay attention to the house. One is to take into account the convenience of living and to take care of it. Of course, comfort is also very important. After all, no one likes to lie on the uncomfortable grass to watch the stars.

Commonly used residential grass (except for special preference), I recommend the use of diamond grass small grass, grass height 30-40mm is more suitable, moderate density about 18900 is more comfortable, detex recommended 12000. If you are obsessed with these turf parameters, please refer here.

If you use the above lawn to lay inside the yard, it must be a good principle. Of course, colour matching also needs to combine samples and pictures.

Chapter 3: Which Grass is Good for Pets?

Pet grass is the topic that everyone cares most, and it is also the most searched on Google. Here to solve the problem of how to choose a good pet grass, of course, if you want to know more, you can also refer to here.

When choosing a pet grass, we must find a supplier to sample, do a pull-out test, and let him provide non-toxic testing of the product. The easiest way to pull out force detection is to pull the grass directly by hand. If it is easy to pull out, please don't buy it at this time, so that your pet does not eat it. This is very important.

Recommended parameters are as follows:

Yarn Type C-Shape
Density 16800 tufts/m2
Yarn Count 12000 D
Colors Four or Three Colors
Yarn Height(mm) <40 mm
Gauge(inch) 3/8''
Pile Content U.V. Resistance PE+PP
Osmosis 1600L/H/M²
Roll Width(m) Customized size

If you also don't know which one you can choose, please check our pets artificial turf catalogue.

Chapter 4: How to Choose Playground Grass?

The most important thing about the amusement park lawn is safety and comfort.

Safety requires a great assessment of the suppliers of artificial turf. The evaluation requires a back-back tensile test, a lawn pull-out test, and a grass-line flame resistance test, which sounds complicated. But if you need to buy an amusement park with grass, this is a must.

For comfort and specific parameters, please refer to the points mentioned in chapter 2.

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