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We have a wealth of knowledge and have much Chinese fake grass industry experience in bringing out the best fit grass for you. A lot of experience, let me know the importance of service, you only need to pay, the rest of including design and so on we will be fully responsible for more services. Let Jcturf make your life always fantastic

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Application Cases

Playground Artficial Grass

Playground Grass

Football & Scoccer Grass

Football & Scoccer Grass

Lanscape Grass

Residential Grass

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mini golf course artificial turf putting

mini golf course artificial turf putting

Lawn Synthetic Turf

Lawn Synthetic Grass

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Tennis Artificial Turf

Tennis Artificial Turf

Dog Lay in Our Pets Grass

Pets Grass

Artificial Turf Tools Set

Artificial Turf Tools

We have done many such greening cases, such as stadiums, tennis courts, courtyards, and pet grass. We use our lawn to make our customers full of joy. I think we did it, if you want to enjoy this kind of pleasure, you can click here

Very Soft

Baby Turf

I want to see this text, and you must be looking for artificial turf products related to pets, I believe we will have better product choices. Our products are subject to rigorous testing, so our grass does not harm your pet.

If you are worried about the pets whether it eats this grass, I will say it is impossible, because of the high pullout force

Products Benefits

Pets Turf (4)

No matter who buys our lawn, it can bring you profits

Many people have an intense curiosity about the cost of artificial turf, and the search volume on Google is also very high.


The composition of artificial turf is divided into fiber, bottom, glue and processing costs and labor costs. The cost gap between artificial turf in each country is mainly due to the massive difference in labor costs.


In summary, the price of a lawn made in China is generally no more than 7 US dollars, and the Artificial grass price in developed countries is at least 10 US dollars

Best price artificial grass
Good Service

Our customer or not, we will let your satisfaction

Jcturf has always regarded service customers as the most critical job, which is the core of our business.

Our services include designing sports court drawings, gardens, and installation guidance services for our clients. In addition to the suppliers we work with, we will provide them with some free promotional materials and support on the price, and for wholesalers without sites, we will build a website for them for free.

If you still have For some other supporting purchases, we will try our best to find the right product for you

Premier Artificial Grass Supplier

We're transforming playgrounds with innovative play surfaces that are safe, fun and functional. Our expert staff provides comprehensive product offerings including playground turf, game court tile, pour-in-place and bonded rubber surfaces that can be combined to create a comprehensive and customized amenity for your school or facility.

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