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Indoor Putting Green

Jcturf Indoor Putting Green Grass is designing by Golf Grass expert. Our turf putting green have much different design, It will satisfy your meet.

We can provide the best for fake putting green accessories, artificial grass putting green installation, custom Serice and cheap and high-quality grass is providing to our clients.

Our home Fake Golf Turf will improve your life quality, make you happier when you start your sports. Not care about other things, just notify the feeling in our turf.

Putting Green Comparison chart

Outdoor Putting Green

Outdoor Putting Green is different home putting green. Outdoor putting green will have larger region and high wear resistance than indoor. Outdoor Golf Grass is the best way to feel the real golf course, make you feel the Noble and elegant.

If you want to know the putting green much more, please send us your requirement Now. Best price will show you.

Petteing Green Definitive guide

Choosing the best golf grass is not an easy thing, from above fake golf grass you will know the types of golf grass. Read this guide you will identify what you need.


Chapter 1: Why people always call putting green not golf grass?

You will find an interesting thing that in real life people always call golf grass as putting green. That’s why?

Because lots of people are using hitting golf putting green so many people think putting green is the artificial grass golf course.

And we know that have some difference. Golf Artificial Grass is laying in the golf course, fake putting green grass is often be used in the home or residence.

But people have become accustomed, so gradually putting green has become the golf grass in our industry.

Chapter 2: What grass is suitable for golf courses?

The general putting green is made of polyethene, and the bottom back material is styrene-butadiene rubber. Of course, it is normal to use PU glue in areas with high-quality requirements.

After a long period of installation and use of putting green, we understand that using the following parameters will greatly save your maintenance time and cost:

Yarn TypeCurl
Density33000 tufts/m2
Yarn Count10000 D
Yarn Height(mm)10-15 mm

According to these parameters, you can spend low maintenance time and money.

Chapter 3: How is the cost of putting green?

Today will give the answer to the cost question that consumers are most concerned about.

Putting Green is the most expensive grass besides hockey grass, because its grass material is PP, and its density is high, so more grass is needed per square meter, which requires more raw materials. From a processing point of view, the high density of putting green leads to severe mechanical wear in the process, so the cost is higher and the price is higher.

The main cost of putting green is grass, glue, processing costs, the cost of this part is 5 dollars, plus the price of transportation on the market is around 30dollars. If you want to know our price, please contact us.

Chapter 4: How to install the putting green course?


The Quickest Way to Choose Golf Grass?

Though you have the demand for golf grass, you don’t know how to choose according to your home or golf course. please let us know, we will give you free advise, thanks for your visitor.


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