Professional Wholesale Artificial Grass Supplier

Jcturf provides landscape artificial grass, sport artificial grass, golf turfgrass and etc.
All are wholesaler price, we are a one-step synthetic grass factory.

advanced factory made Perfect artificial turf

If you’re a dealer, contractor or landscaper interested in artificial turf but not sure which product is right for you, our staff has it all for you help, including free samples.

All our artificial turf is produced in modern high-tech factories. At the same time, we have our own warehouses in the United States and other parts of the world. If you need landscape, sports, golf artificial grass, we will deliver it to you or your customers as quickly as possible.

Customer satisfaction is our focus and number one priority. We always provide high quality wholesale turf products at the best price to our partners.

In the past
For four years, we have continued to improve every aspect of our wholesale artificial turf solutions. From the materials used in manufacturing to the installation process, we are constantly innovating and improving.

In the future
If you need to liquidate your lawn, we can help you too!

Fake Grass Application from Wholesaler

Our Distributors and Customers do many such greening cases, such as stadiums, tennis courts, courtyards, and pet grass. We use our
lawn to make our customers full of joy.  

⭐️ Pet Artificial Turf

I want to see this text, and you must be looking for artificial turf products related to pets, I believe we will have better product choices. Our products are subject to rigorous testing, so our grass does not harm your pet.

If you are worried about the pets whether it eats this grass, I will say it is impossible, because of the high pullout force

Pets Turf (4)

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We’re transforming playgrounds with innovative play surfaces that are safe, fun and functional. Our expert staff provides comprehensive product offerings including playground turf, game court tile, pour-in-place and bonded rubber surfaces that can be combined to create a comprehensive and customized amenity for your school or facility.

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