Hot Artificial Grass Questions


Many people have a healthy curiosity about the price of artificial turf, and the search volume on Google is also very high.


The composition of artificial turf is divided into straw, bottom, glue and processing costs and labour costs. The cost gap between artificial turf in each country is mainly due to the vast difference in labour costs. 


The high price of turf manufactured in developed countries is due to the cost of employment. Too high is related, just like many international big names are made in China. For details, please refer to the following article. In summary, the price of a lawn made in China is generally no more than 7 US dollars, and the amount in developed countries is at least 10 US dollars. Of course, if you consider the timeliness, you can choose to manufacture in your country. If you are not in a hurry, maybe you can choose us. We will give you the best price and send a free sample for you to check the quality.

Artificial turf is used in all parts of the world, and the methods and frequencies used in different venues are different.
So why different usage scenarios have different life spans. I will introduce three main factors that determine how long the artificial turf will last.

First, wear can affect the life of artificial turf
First of all, if there is a large flow of people, it is possible that the average per square meter of grass has this greater friction, which leads to wear.

Second, maintenance.
According to our follow-up study, very few people believe that artificial turf needs maintenance. At the time, the purchase of fake grass was to solve the problem of difficult maintenance of real grass. This has led to a decline in the life of artificial turf.

I will offer three ways to buy, I hope you can find the way that suits you.

The first, online store
Now more and more artificial turf suppliers are starting to use e-commerce, independent stations and other ways to create their own online store, you can directly settle the purchase above

Second, Google is looking for your local artificial turf supplier.
If you only want to get the artificial grass products as soon as possible, you can search for artificial grass suppliers plus your area directly on google.

Third, if you can wait, please choose us
We are a Chinese artificial turf supplier with this cost-effective artificial turf and corresponding international certification. contact us.

Clean grass needs doing these tips:
First, you need to use a leaf blower. Use it to remove some lighter and larger objects, Hold it and sweep your lawn.