10tips for Artificial Grass Care & Maintenance

Want to know the complete artificial turf maintenance method? We have listed the maintenance strategies for different groups of people for you. I hope this article from jcturf can help you.

Ready to install artificial grass

If you are going to install artificial turf, then you should read the entire article. If you notice these maintain points when you start using artificial turf, your artificial turf will be very beautiful, straight, and will have a very long warranty. I believe you will be interested in.

1. Have the right equipment

We will definitely choose the right equipment when we maintain the artificial turf. If we don’t have the right equipment to maintain the artificial grass, we may end up hurting our artificial turf. So choosing the right equipment is very important.

For a list of specific equipment needs, please the artificial grass accessories.

2. Post-installation maintenance

When your artificial turf is installed, all you have to do is wait. Sometimes we need artificial turf to fully absorb the sunlight when installing, which will help your lawn expand. At the same time, after the artificial turf has just been installed, for safety reasons, it is best to wait until the glue is completely dry before use, so that the artificial turf will be firmer.

3. Always keep the Artificial Grass Clean

Dust, dirt and debris on artificial turf will accumulate over time. We need regular maintenance and cleaning of our artificial turf.

The easiest way – we regularly clean up with water. Of course, you can also use a vacuum cleaner or a leaf extractor to help you deal with the dust.

4.According to the frequency of use

Normally you only need to maintain the lawn for 2 weeks, but if you have a lot of family activities on the grass, or if children and pets often play on the lawn, then you should decide whether you want to maintain the lawn more practically.

5. Regular Brush

Why do you need to use a tool to brush artificial turf regularly? Because you need to always keep the artificial turf standing. According to our actual experience, if your artificial turf is often pressed and the grass fibers are not standing properly, then your artificial grass will be very ugly, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is no different from the weeds outside.

In addition, you must use a soft brush when using artificial turf brushes. If you do not use iron brushes, it is likely to cause damage to your grass.

Of course, some people will ask, if you brush my grass like this, will not be very tired? It’s actually very tired, but we can do it selectively. For example, where we often step on, we need to pay attention and maintain. If you can do this, your grass will always look tall and straight.

6. Using Water to Clean Turf

You can use clean water to wash the dust on the lawn, or other small debris. Of course, you can also use some other cleaning agents, and then rinse with water after use.

7. Eliminate stench

A bad smell? Why is my artificial lawn a very unpleasant smell? That’s because the excrement of your pet or other animals is on the lawn. Excreta does not affect the quality of the lawn, but I think you will eliminate such dirt.

We can use cleaning agents or flavouring and deodorizing products. Clean Grass will make your grass become better.

8. Use wedding film

Wow! Why do I have a lot of weeds on my artificial lawn? Maybe a friend around you will say something like this. But for us, we still hope to avoid it. Then the product you need is a sorghum film.

This is a product similar to cling film, its role is to let the land below the artificial turf do not grow weeds. The bottom of the artificial turf is made up of a large gap, so weeds can grow through the gap.

Installation Grass(Not more than 1 year)

If you haven’t installed artificial turf for more than a year, you still need to know two problems.

9. How to avoid soiling and burns

If your lawn is burned or soiled by cigarettes, you can always fix it. But the fix will cost you a lot of time and will cost us extra money. So we should avoid creating such problems as much as possible.

You need to avoid doing the following on the lawn:

Repair the vehicle. Engine oil or other similar substances are produced when the vehicle is being repaired, which is very likely to cause the artificial lawn to fade or be damaged.

Smokes. When you smoke, you should use the principle of the lawn as much as possible. The most important reason is to prevent your lawn from catching fire, although this is rare. Finally, it is also to better protect artificial turf.

Barbecue. When grilling, you should avoid it on the grass as much as possible. You will find that there are many problems when you do such things on the grass.

There are many things you need to avoid, just keep protecting your grass.

10. How to remove snow from artificial grass

Inevitably, sometimes we need to remove the snow and ice on our fake grass, and generally let it melt naturally.

If it is small snow, we only need a simple sweep.

If it is very thick snow, then we choose snow shovels or snow blowers. Of course, when using such large equipment, we need to pay attention to some snow, which is cleaned with a shovel or a brush. This can avoid damage caused by large equipment.

Note: Do not use metal for all the above brushes or enamels. You can also use salt to speed up the melting of the snow, but I don’t recommend it. It may cause salt residue to accumulate in the turf, causing the lawn to not drain properly and affect the health of the dog.


Learned the above maintenance methods, your lawn will be very beautiful, although these maintenance in life seems to be very troublesome, actually when you become a habit of life, you find that not only your lawn becomes better, but also The habits you bring will also benefit you.

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