Sports Artificial Grass

What is the Sports Artificial Grass?

Sports grass is a simulation of the real grass people use when playing football or performing a certain sport. Of course, only the shape simulation can be achieved.

The invention of artificial turf was first because sports were easy to get hurt and dirty, and real grass was very vulnerable to damage. Artificial turf has become a routine and irreplaceable existence in sports matters.

Sports artificial turf has different standards for different venues, of course the highest standard is the FIFA-certified venue. The corresponding costs have also increased a lot. Civil sports grass generally has a life span of 5-7 years, and the frequency of use and the number of maintenance determine the use time of the product to a large extent.

Why You Need the Sports Artificial Grass?

Market data from all over the world shows that more and more countries are paying attention to sports, and some developing countries including South America and Africa are gradually paying attention to this product. Of course, this is related to the fact that people in these countries like football.

From the UN data, we can see that the purchase of artificial turf in China is 1.01 Billion, so the market has arrived. We expect our children to complete the sports dreams we could not complete when we were young, and we hope that we can contribute to the children's sports career.


Definitive guide

When you have seen the above sports artificial grass, I guess you have a trend which sports grass you need to buy. Well, Reading the Definitive guide you will confident which one is better for you. In addition, no matter what types of artificial sports grass you choose, the most important thing is determining the artificial grass field.

Chapter 1: Do you know the types of sports artificial grass?

If you want to use it on the football field, please use regular football grass. Hockey field using hockey grass, so different sports filed will have different sports turf. Detailed grass types of classification information can be seen in the below:

1. Bocce
2. Indoor Fields
3. Baseball / Batting Cage
4. Tennis
5. Hockey Ball
6. Cricket
7. Multi-Purpose
9. Indoor Sports
10. PVC Sports Floor

Chapter 2: Why football carpet is the biggest market in sports turf field?

Football Search Volume

From the above data, it is not difficult to see that there are a large number of people around the world who are concerned about football. Football is also the world's largest ball. Therefore, the demand for football grass is very huge.

The production process of football grass is also the most complete and exquisite, as long as it is a sports system made by a factory with a sound certificate system, there is no problem. So from production to sales are almost always very smooth things.

In general football grass, I recommend a height of 40-50mm, a density of about 11000, and a denier of about 10,000. For the standard stadium denier, the width of the grass can be increased slightly.

Let’s take a look at how the global football grass trend is, and the data is obviously growing:

trend football grass

Chapter 3: How to Choose Tennis Grass?

As we all know, the cost of building a tennis court is very high, ranging from about $20,000 to $200,000. Therefore, choosing the right lawn is very important.

It is safer to play tennis on artificial grass, because artificial grass is smooth and safe, and one of the more important issues is the bounce of the ball, which improves the quality of the game. Artificial turf also doesn't fade over time. It is manufactured with superior UV protection technology. For years, you could use very bright colours.

Tennis Grass

Common tennis grass parameters I recommend grass height below 15mm, density greater than 42000, and denier at around 10000detex. The material of the grass is generally 100% polypropylene.

Chapter 4: How much to lay artificial grass?

The cost of paving in different countries is different. If installed in the United States, the 1000ft (around 100sqm) yard costs approximately:

Materials $5000
Operation Fees $2300
Labor $4500
Company Overhead $1500
Company Profit $1500
Totally $14800

This is expensive to use the artificial grass filed to decorate the garden in America. More Lay cost details watch my article, please.

Chapter 5: How long does artificial grass last?

The warranty period for artificial turf depends on many factors. But the two most important things are the anti-UV additive dose and the local light intensity.

Over time, UV radiation exposure to sunlight can degrade the performance of plastics. Absorbers are light stabilizers that turn harmful UV radiation into harmless infrared radiation, which can reduce UV to plastics product destruction.

The light intensity of each place is also an important factor affecting turf quality assurance. The higher the light intensity, the shorter the storm time of the lawn.

Anti-UV Pictures

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