Artificial Turf For Dogs How To Choose Better Fake Grass In 2020

I guess you are worried about the dog artificial grass safety now. It’s ok. From a professional perspective, I will solve all your problems and concerns for you. Finally, I will show you how to pick a better lawn at the best price.

    1. What is the artificial grass?
    2. Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?
    3. Why fake grass is better than real grass
    4. Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass Cost
    5. Best Artificial Grass for Dogs
    6. Choose Better Fake Grass

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What is the artificial grass?[ps2id id=’what-is-the-artificial-grass’ target=”/]

Straw plastic fibre made of the artificial turf. It looks like real grass and was first used in sports fields. But, it is now using in residential, landscape decoration and turf for dogs. (Source)
The main reason is that it can reduce people’s maintenance costs. And it also commonly used in some areas where limiting water. Ergo, the application of sports venues is mainly to reduce the risk of sports injuries.

Artificial Grass composition[ps2id id=’artificial-grass-composition’ target=”/]

Knowing what artificial turf is, it is necessary to understand the composition of the artificial turf. It will help you pick a more suitable dog artificial turf.
artificial grass construction, including grass fiber, backing and the grid cloth 
The main components of dog artificial turf are a combination of a bottom back and a straw fibre.

Grass Backing

Backing Can be made of three layers of fabric and glue, or a composite coating of latex or polyurethane top made of. This is the key step in the connection of the lawn.
This is the artificial grass backing cases, there is mian different backing types

Grass fibre

Dog grass fibre is generally made of PP+PE (polypropylene+polyethene) material, and sports grass is always made of PE (polyethene) material. There are also many shapes of straw fibres, and C-type, common-type, rhomboid and other grasses are more common. Different fibres have a different warranty because different yarn absorbs different solar radiation. From research, the common yarn type has the longest life and the W type has the shortest life.
This is the different artificial grass fiber, help customers to know the grass different
An important factor in the life of  dog turf is the weight of the grass fibre. We call the dtex value (the weight of the grass fibre per 10,000 meters), which is the core of most companies’ pricing. The higher detex, the thicker lawn, the better quality, and of course the cost and price will increase.

The artificial turf production process[ps2id id=’the-artificial-turf-production-process’ target=”/]

You know yarn made of artificial grass, besides, you also need to know the main production process. Including drawing, twisting, tufting and backing.
This is the artificial grass product machine, cluding twisting, tufting, backing machine

1. Mixed raw materials

The raw materials are some chemical additives, such as antioxidants, anti-ageing agents and masterbatch particles, and evenly stirred.
Notice: Should let the supplier offer some certification to improve his dog grass have non-toxic.
Here have the news about the lead in artificial grass.

2. Drawing

The high temperature will melt dog turf raw materials, then extruding through different yarn shape moulds. Then use the machine to roll into a small bucket.

3. Twisting Grass Fiber

It’s about to twist the straight silk and the curved silk (mainly the landscape grass needs to do this)

4. Tufting Grass

Weaving hundreds of yarn barrels together through a tufting machine. This process is like a woven towel.

5. Backing

After the first four steps, our products need to coating with a layer of glue.
Please note that this glue is most likely to cause damage to dogs if you are using an unknown product. You also need the supplier to provide your certification.

 Is Artificial Grass Safe for dogs[ps2id id=’is-artificial-grass-safe-for-dogs’ target=”/]

From the last section, we know the turf material and composition, so if you can choose the right artificial grass suppliers is safe for your dogs. I have recommended some artificial grass suppliers in this article. Dogs always like to bite things, So the backing and the grass fibre that you need to pay more attention.
Gog bite grass

Grass temperature will influence your dogs[ps2id id=’the-temperature-of-artificial-grass-will-influence-your-dogs’ target=”/]

Ordinary artificial turf does not do well in cooling and heat insulation. The yard with artificial turf is usually 3-4 degrees higher than the yard of the real grass. So if you live in a hot place in the summer, you need to consider the temperature factor for your dog. Our dogs, especially dogs, are the most afraid of heat. From time to time, we will hear the news that the dog is not in the car and is hot. So be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the artificial turf, if you often let the dog play.

Three Ways to Cool Artificial Turf

1. Always water your artificial grass and use the principle of water evaporation to reduce the temperature of the artificial turf.

2. Use a hollow design of artificial turf to refract and reflect sunlight with a special straw structure. This lawn we call it cool grass, check out here to get more.

hollow design of artificial turf fiber can make you residential more cold

3. Use HydroChill lawn fill. You only need to mix artificial grass fillings such as sand with HydroChill, and then use a sander to do the job. This product can effectively control the temperature drop by about 20°. At the same time, it has a water lock function and evaporates water to cool down when the temperature is high.


Why fake grass is better than real grass[ps2id id=’why-fake-grass-is-better-than-real-grass’ target=”/]


real grass vs artificial grass


Natural Grass Requires Chemicals[ps2id id=’natural-grass-requires-chemicals’ target=”/]

We all know real grass need protecting by some chemicals if not there are many insects to destroy our turf lawns. But this means that our dogs and children are also affected by chemicals.
Anyhow, it has Strict safety inspection on dogs mat that making in a legal factory. So I never worry about the risk of using a grass pad.

Artificial Grass is Easy to Clean[ps2id id=’artificial-grass-is-easy-to-clean’ target=”/]

We always got lots of problems about how to clean dogs rug, Actually, if you clean regularly it is easy for us to specific spills.

Clean grass needs doing these tips:

First, you need to use a leaf blower. Use it to remove some lighter and larger objects, Hold it and sweep your lawn.
Second, Flush the fake grass with a water pipe. Gently rinse the surface of the lawn with water, So we don’t need so many waters.
Third, Use a paper towel to gently wipe the more visible stains. If some stains are difficult to remove. Such as dog faeces or urine, we can use particulate detergent and other items to remove these stains. Finally, clean them with water. More details you can check this article.

Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass Cost[ps2id id=’dog-friendly-artificial-grass-cost’ target=”/]

It is a very hot problem, So I think to have some dog owners want to know. Here I will give you an easy calculator way. Emphasize that this formula is a relatively accurate data obtained after long-term production. Hope to help you reduce the cost of buying.
((Plie height * 2)+10)/1000*density/10000*dtex=yarn weight
This is the calculated results, then use the result to plus raw material price, you will know the final price, if you want to know the details, call me I will let you know.
Pile height: Artificial grass grass fiber height.
Density: How many tufts of artificial grass are there per square meter.
Dtex: Weight of artificial grass per 10000 meters.
Due to industrial progress, Fake grass has a huge market in the future. And more and more people know the dogs that we need to protect. Still, we will meet a problem, more and more companies want to earn money, so the price has a huge difference between different artificial grass suppliers. So hope everyone can get my experience to prevent the high price.
In my work experience, I know the highest price will not more than 10 dollars per square, even if the best quality fake grass. So you may guess the huge profits in an artificial grass field.

Dogs Fake Grass Cost Details[ps2id id=’fake-grass-cost-details’ target=”/]


Different country has a different material price, so the dogs artificial grass cost will have a huge difference. But, the price will according to your owner market. My purpose just wants you to get the best price in your local supplier. But If you don’t have enough time to read, finally totally price is £1,300/10 sqm in UK Company. (US Company around 1200ft $10080), so both of them price is around 105 dollars/sqm.

The cost of artificial grass is mainly divided into material costs, processing fees, and labour costs. The biggest difference is the labour costs in various countries. The labour cost per square meter in China is 0.5 US dollars, but it may be 2-3 US dollars or more in the United States. This is why it is cheaper to buy products from developing countries such as China. 

The main cost of material costs is the price of masterbatch, glue, non-woven fabrics, etc. The price difference between good masterbatch and glue is very large, and PU glue has a great price difference with SBR glue. Generally, PU glue is 1.5 US dollars per square meter more than SBR glue. The price of masterbatch, glue and non-woven fabric can be found on google. It will not be expanded here. I will give a special introduction later.


Processing fees may only cost US$1 per square meter for dog artificial turf suppliers in China, but there are large price differences between countries such as Europe and the United States. Of course, you may need to consult local retailers.

The above is mainly the price of raw materials of dog artificial turf. If the cost of lawns above China is generally no more than 10 dollars per square meter.

Install Artificial Grass Cost[ps2id id=’install-artificial-grass-cost’ target=”/]

If you need to calculate the installing dog synthetic turf cost, the first thing you need to know the step of installing turf. Here are the
simple steps, you can also view the recommended videos.

Install Artificial Grass Step:

Step 1 Measure the site to avoid increasing the cost of pet artificial turf.
Step 2 Prepare the foundation
Installation tools: utility knife, sand filling machine, sand sweeper, compactor, Weed Membrane, shovel, Jointing tape, Turf Adhesive, Nail, Pets Filler.
Step 3 Spread the weed film.
Step 4 Put your artificial lawn on
Step 5 Use nails to fix the edge of the artificial turf
Step 6 Fill the sand or rubber particles
Step 7 Use a sand sweeper to sweep the sand


Dog Synthetic Turf Install Tools Price

In the last content, you know how to install the dogs artificial grass. And the install tools price shown in the next sheet. The tools you need and the tools you choose for the class are all on the list.
Utility knifeNO10Better one can inprove your efficiency
Sand filling machineYES200Manual0You can use your hand
Sand sweeperYES50Broom15You can use your home broom to do this item
CompactorYES>$500Lawn Roller119If you have a very good base, you can ignore
Weed MembraneYES30NothingIt is not a necessary item
ShovelNO30Choose the better quality shovel
Jointing tapeYES20NothingIf just one turf roll, no need
Turf adhensiveYES20NothingIf just one turf roll, no need
NailNO20The perimeter determines the number of nails
Pets FillerNO60You need buy the pets filler
Minimum cost254
Maximum cost940

The above installation tool costs 10 square meters(around 108 square feet). Most of the above products can be found on Amazon, of course, if you have trouble, you can consult us.

But if you don’t want to install by yourself, you need to pay the installer wave.  More indeed website data shows that an artificial turf installer pays $20 an hour, and a site requires five hours to install, so you need to spend at least $100.

So finally if you hire a person to install dogs grass in your garden, the install cost is about $1200/10sqm. If you just DIY your synthetic turf by yourself, the installation cost will not more than $300 if you choose the minimum cost plan.

Best Artificial Grass for Dogs[ps2id id=’best-artificial-grass-for-dogs’ target=”/]

I have also seen many of the title “the best artificial turf reviews” on Google, but most of them are affiliates that are not fair. Today I will recommend an artificial turf supplier for each country, of course, this is a personal point of view.

#1 Astroturf- United States



AstroTurf is a US subsidiary owned by Equistone Partners Europe. Its name comes from the Houston Astros, and it was used for the first time in a professional stadium 50 years ago. Production of artificial turf for game surfaces
AstroTurf – it is one of the most representative brands in the sports world. AstroTurf leverages its forward-thinking and well-trained R&D history to improve its systems and provide optimal motion characteristics. The AstroTurf plant has been in continuous operation since 1968.
This is longer than any facility in the industry. After more than half a century operating, the factory has cultivated a wealth of suppliers expertise and institutional knowledge, so it is very good in product quality control. Hence, there is no need to worry about quality when using dogs grass, but the price may not be cheap, after all, it is brand grass.

#2 Easigrass- United Kingdom


easigrass LOGO Easigrass is an award-winning artificial grass supplier and installer with more than 30 years of installation experience. From design to installation, one-stop service. At the same time, their quality is also very good and has a good reputation in the UK. Small to family grass, as large as the lawn installation tool seagrass will provide better service!
Easigrass’ dog grass uses the world’s leading artificial grass filler, ZeoFill, to control the smell of dogs. ZeoFill is made from 100% organic pozzolanic minerals and is also used in health food supplements and water filtration systems.
It is a safe and efficient alternative to silica sand filling, which absorbs ammonia from the urine and reduces the urine odour of the dog while stabilizing the shape of the artificial turf. Thus, dog owners who are still worried about dog urine stains should pay attention to.

#3 All Seasons Synthetic Turf- Australian


 all seasons grass logo
The yarns of the All Seasons Synthetic Turf are made by the local company APT and their yarns are very compliant with Australian climatic conditions. At the same time, through 30 years of continuous testing, it shows its superior yarn quality. With the most important yarn guarantee, all seasons synthetic turf has very good quality and reputation.
The characteristics of its dog grass are as follows:
  1. Rugged Australian synthetic turf with a 20-year warranty
  2. Yarn is not shiny but has the highest UV stability
  3. Entanglement – Dog waste will be placed on top instead of grabbing the yarn, making it easier to clean
  4. Resistance to flattening and extinction
  5. PU backing that does not absorb urine
  6. Affordable and easy to use urine and deodorant P-OFFTM

#4 CCGRASS- China


ccgrass logo

CCGRASS is one of the world’s largest suppliers of artificial grass in china, dedicated to providing the best artificial turf for sports and 

After more than 15 years of dedicated development, CCGRASS products serve customers from various regions, including professional football clubs, government agencies, schools and countless families around the world.
  1. FIFA Preferred Producer
  2. FIH preferred supplier
  3. World rugby preferred lawn producer
  4. ITF certification
 CCGRASS has a high reputation worldwide, especially in sports grass, because he is the first 6. Supplier of FIFA and this honour is only owned by six. But I also recommend it for dog grass, 7. Because its lawn design is particularly good, and it also has a dog-friendly design such as PU 8. Bottom back, so I also recommend it.

#5 Belgotexgrass- South African


ccgrass logo 
Belgotexgrass is a relatively good African artificial turf suppliers company I know, located in South Africa, and the unique official website design is impressive. Belgotex Grass has been producing in South Africa for 12 years. To maximize production capacity and long-term market sustainability, Belgotex has expanded its products to include Belgotex Grass for entertainment and residential applications.
So Belgotex GRASS also has a lot of experience in dog applications, so choosing their quality is also guaranteed.


Of course, the above global companies are my recommended astroturf, easigrass and ccgrass. If you think they meet your needs, then you can always go to their official website to buy.

Choose Better Fake Grass[ps2id id=’how-to-choose-better-fake-grass’ target=”/]

From the artificial grass material and component, we know how to identify whether the grass we can choose. And you also know the artificial grass cost, so when you choose the dogs rug you will use little money to buy the better synthetic turf for your dogs.
Also, I have recommended some famous local artificial grass suppliers, But you can also choose other suppliers with the certification of the products with different countries standard, like JCTURF is also have a good quality and price.
Hope this article can help you choose the better turf lawn for your baby dogs.

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