Complete Guide for Artificial Turf infill in 2019

What is Artificial Turf Infill?

Some particle will place between the artificial turf and the artificial turf fibers. It can be natural or artificial. Generally, we will call this kind of material turf infill.

The Purpose of Turf Infill?

Here, I will tell you five reasons why you need artificial grass infill. Let us see it.

1. Protect the primary backing from UV exposure

To verify the impact of turf infill on the turf warranty, we have an ageing test in the laboratory.

Besides, backing determines the artificial grass life. If we put the backing in the sun, then set the daily sunshine time to 12 hours. We will see a reduction in the life of artificial turf is very powerful,Even only can use 5 years not the 12 years. ( ps: Suppliers like to say the warranty for more than 12 years)

Yet, the promise of a 12-year warranty may be the ideal data for the supplier. Despite backing composed of pp + non-woven materials or polypropylene (PP). If you want your turf backing to be more durable, you need to protect it by using turf infill.

At the same time, the artificial anti-fire level will increase.

2. Prevent Deformation

Some plastic materials make up artificial turf. So it will contract with temperature changes. To ensure the stability of the artificial turf, we use a different layer combination, such as three layers.
Also, if you increase the amount of GRASS INFILL used, the fake grass will not wrinkle.
When installing artificial grass on an impermeable bottom layer (concrete or asphalt). It is especially important to use TURF INFILL to increase weight. Because you cannot install a nail, and you usually have to use industrial nails, tape or glue.

3. Shock Attenuation

Artificial turf increases the ability to absorb falls after using the filler. Meanwhile is the beginning of the origin of artificial turf.

Artificial turf filling is a necessary process in stadium construction. Non-fill Synthetic turf is not allowed to appear on the international arena. It is can only use in entertainment venues

4. Infill provides drainage

The artificial turf with filling is more concentrated. It will absorb water on a rainy day so that there is no more water on the surface of the lawn. In a word, it enhances the experience of artificial turf.

5.Can cool down the grass temperature

HydroChill, Artificial grass for dogs in that article. I mentioned a filling product that can lower the temperature. It is called HydroChill. This product can absorb a part of the rain when it is raining, and release the rainwater to cool down when it is sunny. This type of artificial turf will become increasingly popular as global warming intensifies. At this point, artificial turf fillings will also have a very large market.

Types of Turf Infill for Artificial Turf?


type of turf infill

Silica sand

Silica sand is also known as silica or quartz sand. Silica sand is a hard, wear-resistant and stable silicate mineral. Its main mineral component is SiO2.
It composes of quartz as the main mineral component. It will decompose into small particles after wind-water erodes. It is usually applied to artificial turf filling and etc.


  • Make the artificial turf grass straighter.
  • Helps improve drainage
  • Low cost. Because there are a large number of quarries producing this simple material. So the price of silica sand is very cheap.
  • Widely used
  • No negative market evaluation


  • Do not absorb vibration. We do not recommend the use of silica sand in high-performance sports venues. Because silica sand is not very absorbent.
  • Not suitable for pets. Because the shape of the sand is not round and angular, please avoid using this filler if you have pets.
  • Not suitable for areas with heavy traffic. Such as amusement parks, public areas, landscape grass, etc.


In general, used tires are made of rubber pellets. The filler material commonly used in stadiums is rubber, which makes the stadium very flexible and difficult to replace. But, with safety awareness improving, more and more people aren’t willing to use rubber, which is considered to be harmful to the human body.source


  • The cheapest shock absorber filler
  • Extensive research
  • Absorb shock
  • Easy to install


  • There may be security risks
  • Black rubber absorbs heat quickly, causing the temperature of the lawn to rise
  • No antibacterial ability to absorb odour
  • Splashing a lot of dust when stepping on

Although the rubber filler has been questioned by people, its excellent performance and irreplaceability make it widely used. Amusement parks, shopping malls and other places with moderate traffic are some of the best places to use rubber fillers.


EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene monomer rubber) is a synthetic rubber widely used in tires, rubber products, additives, fillers and other fields.(source) EPDM is mostly green and tan, has good stability and durability in high-temperature environments, and the high temperature does not change its solid form.


  • Good stability, few quality problems
  • Can reduce shocks
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Good market evaluation


  • Very expensive


HydroChill lawn fill



  • Endothermic
  • Absorb pet urine, pet-friendly turf infill


  • High price
  • Poor elasticity

Advice for choosing artificial turf infill

When purchasing artificial turf fillings, you must decide the products you want to purchase according to your actual situation. If you don’t consider the budget, we recommend that you buy EPDM pellets. Quartz sand can be used if your budget is not very high, which is also a very good filling material. If you are considering sports performance, consider rubber pellets. Consider pet and lawn temperatures, then you can use Hydrochill fillers.


  1. At the same time, you must purchase products with cognitive functions. Uncertified products may be harmful to your health.
  1. It is best to find professional installers because they have professional filling tools.
  1. Actually, measure the site and set the amount of filler to be purchased. A generally lightly used grass can use a pad of 1.5 pounds per square foot (7.5 kg/sqm). Heavy use can add some weight

How to Install Artificial Turf Infill?

Note: When using lawn fillings, please note that the lawn is fixed. Also, use a broom to erect the grass before filling.

Filling steps:

  • 1. Use a spreader to place the appropriate filling as needed. If not, you can use a spade or a small cart. This step makes the filling as uniform as possible.
  • 2. Use an electric broom to fill the landfill fully into the lawn and let the filler spread out.
  • 3. Repeat the second step repeatedly to know that the surface of the lawn does not see the filler.

Congratulations on completing a difficult task. If you want to install turf infill by youself you can check this video.

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