Bremen – Landscape Artificial Grass

Yarn Height(mm)40mm
Density18900 tufts/m2
Yarn TypeC
BackingPP/PP+Net+SBR Latex
PP+none woven cloth+SBR Latex

Bremen will bring beautiful scenery to your life so that you will be fascinated by it. At the same time, it will let you reduce your water bills and spend more time playing with your family on the grass.

The most distinctive feature of the Bremen artificial turf is his color design, which combines the olive green apple green grass blades with the brown-yellow thatch layer. The unique one makes him a hot product in the Middle East and the United States. Noble temperament is reflected in this lawn. At the same time, this artificial turf also strengthens the amount of anti-aging agent, ensuring a long shelf life in harsh weather. In addition to this, the backing we designed also adopts a multi-layered conforming structure, which strictly adheres to the standard of the pull-out force. The 5mm permeable hole at the bottom also helps you drain the lawn in rainy days, so you don’t have to worry about whether the yard will be flooded.

The artificial turf produced by jcturf has excellent performance in any residential and commercial use and is definitely your best choice. At the same time, our Bremen will save you a lot of manpower and resources. Bremen will never be eliminated, we believe that our products, we will provide an 8-year warranty.

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