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    PVC Floor- Artificial grass mat

    Polyvinyl chloride (English: Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviation: PVC) is a polymer material obtained by addition polymerization of vinyl chloride. It is the third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer after polyethene and polypropylene. The most important feature of PVC is its flame retardant, so it is widely used in fire protection applications.

    PVC Grass used to be used in the manufacture of artificial turf because it has perfect performance and fire resistance is also the most superior. But also because of the particularity of the material, it produces a lot of toxic gases when burned, and it is best used outdoors. Some countries have banned the import of such products. So we rarely produce such products unless you have special requirements.


    Sport: outdoor
    Material: PP+PVC/PE+TPR
    PP+PVC/PE+TPR Weight:
    Weight: 3kg/sqm
    3kg/sqm Pile height:
    Pile height: 8mm
    8mm Color:
    Color: Any color
    Any color Application:
    Application: commerical building, traffic, indoor, outdoor, car
    Package: carton or woven bag
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