Non-Infill Sports Artificial Grass


Yarn Height(mm)35mm
Density14750 tufts/m2
Yarn TypeDiamond
Backing“PP/PP+Net+SBR Latex

PP+none woven cloth+SBR Latex”

Our no-fill grass can be used anywhere, of course, the most convenient installation, because you do not need to use sand to fill this kind of lawn, you just need to prevent them in the site, of course, you need to connect the belt and other installation tools. But with less hard work using sand, I think you’ll save a lot of time installing your lawn. The absence of sand also reduces the risk of injury.


1.All-weather of Synthetic Grass :

it is completely free from the impact of climate, greatly improving the efficient use of space, and it can be used in some extreme climate for example low and high temperature.


the artificial lawn can still make you feel like spring when natural grass goes into dormancy.

3.Environmental protection of Synthetic Grass:

the whole materials are in keeping with the demands of environmental protection and the turf surface layer is recyclable.


artificial lawn produced bases on the principle of bionics, its good elasticity and comfort with no direction and hardness make users aware little difference from natural grass.

5.The durability of Synthetic Grass:

it is not easy to fade and durable, especially applied to primary and secondary schools’ grounds where use high frequently.


it is simple and convenient to construction and can be laid in asphalt, concrete and hard battle, with little maintenance costs indeed.

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