Hamburg Soccer Artificial Grass


Yarn Height(mm)50mm
Density11000 tufts/m2
Yarn TypeDiamond
Backing“PP/PP+Net+SBR Latex

We all love football, how can we reduce the artificial turf football grass? More and more people are falling in love with football, and a good football field can make this sport even more fun.

JCTURF artificial turf football grass adheres to the requirements of FIFA. With good anti-wear, fire resistance and oxidation resistance, based on these characteristics, our lawn has a football grass with eight years of warranty time. During this period, you can find JCTURF to help you solve the warranty problem.

We have a wide variety of football grasses, including monochromatic football grass, two-colour football grass, white football grass, olive green, apple green and other colours of football grass. At the same time, the shape of the grass can be customized according to the requirements. Of course, we will recommend diamond and ordinary football grass from the perspective of service life.

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